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    • Cbots 7 months ago Pinned Cbots

    [1/3] You do have a big dick, and I i’m glad you’ve made videos.😚 But your other video said it is 10 inches long, unless that was someone fucking you and you were saying they were 10 inches long. But your dick in this video does not look 9 inches long. And the dick in the video did not look 10 inches long. I only mention this because I think men (not necessarily trans-women, that I know of) are plagued with thinking their penis is either small, compared to other guys, OR they believe they are longer than they are. Sometimes I think guys exaggerate their size because if they’ve seen another penis and that person has said it 7 inches then they know their penis is longer so it must be more than that. Also, guys just lie about their size because they don’t want to be viewed as small.

    Cbots Cbots 7 months ago

    [3/3] In real life I actually prefer guys with an average penis length or a little bit under. But when I watch porn I want it to be a little bit above average if not big, especially if I watch straight porn. I know this is a weird comment put on X tube, LOL, but I think it’s useful/important information.

    Cbots Cbots 7 months ago

    [2/3] The truth is the average penis length is 5.2–5.6 inches long, based on different surveys have come up with different lengths in that range. Average girth is 4.8 inches around. Only 15% of penises are longer than 6.3 inches. I will admit, this was surprising to me... 5.2-5.6 inches long is the average and only 15% of guys are above 6.3 inches?! I think most of us know that professional porn is not real life for the overwhelming bass majority of guys. But I figured amateur porn would be closer to average, and it’s closer than professional porn, but a lot of amateur videos seem like they are at least 6.3 inches long. I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that you’re more likely to post it if it’s something you’re showing off because you are doing well in that “department“. Guys that have better chest and abs are more likely to take a picture of the mirror, guys with muscular arms are more likely to take a picture flexing, etc.

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    3 years ago Pinned Rashton68

    You certainly have a nice big cock.

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