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How to make this short? I am an extreme introvert with eccentric tendencies. My sexuality is strictly as men wearing sneakers. It is something that is verbally hard to explain and the more I try I feel like its nothing close to what it is. It is more then just wearing any sneakers. Not every man in any sneaker turns me on, nor does any man wearing a pair if my favorite kicks turn me on. It comes with character/personality/and attitude.There is more to the picture then the eye alone can meet. The experience is truly sensual and stimulates every sensory element. 1. I am NOT into feet, ejaculating on sneakers, destroying sneakers, stomping on people with my sneakers or being stomped on, not into smelling sneakers especially if the word used to describe them is: stinky, smelly, ripe,...

  • Name: wildsneakerboi
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 33
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Sex Preference: Gay
  • Last Online: 40 minutes ago

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